OpenOffice won't print

'Forum Post ulist at
Tue Oct 11 16:20:40 UTC 2005

I have the same problem like you.  OpenOffice on an amd64 box does not
print.  Actually it even kills the spadmin command when trying to setup
the printer.  The only solution I have found to work fine under any
circumstances is to "print to pdf" and then print through evince or
through lpr

If anyone else has found something, I would appreciate to hear their


> How do I get OpenOffice to print? (I.e directly to the printer) All

> other applications will print fine. Abiword prints fine, but at the

> last update the system wanted to remove it (I don't understand why

> should be, it seems daft. Two word processors ought to be able to

> coexist).


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