Recovering data from failed Maxtor One Touch II drive

Matt Patterson matt at
Tue Oct 11 16:30:44 UTC 2005

If you really want the data back, but not enough to pay a recovery 
service, I have found several times that I drive will fail (making 
clicking sounds) because the read head jams. I tapped the drive firmly 
on a corner (make the drive as tall as possible if that helps with the 
orientation I am referring to) on the ground, then reinstalled and it 
worked. I would only try this as a last resort as it may make things 
worse! You may simply have a failed power supply, or loose power 
connector (if it got real hot in the case it could have actually 
softened the solder enough to crack/break away.


Tim Vaughan wrote:

>>On 10/11/05, Tim Vaughan <talltim at> wrote:
>>>I own a 100GB Maxtor USB external drive.  It has just failed, only
>>>making beeping and clicking sounds when I turn it on
>>>I realise that it may be a long shot, but are there any Linux disk
>>>utilities that could analyse the drive to see if any of the data may
>>>be recoverable?  It's ext3 formatted.
>>It *may* be possible to read data from it by removing the internal IDE
>>drive from it and instaiing the drive into your computer, making it an
>>internal drive. If the failure is in the electronics of the external
>>enclosure, that should fix it.
>Ok, thanks.  I'll have a look.  I was hoping for something
>non-invasive as getting a refund probably requires me not to have
>voided the warranty.  I'll talk to the place I bought it from about
>what sort of data recovery I'm permitted to do to it!

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