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Tue Oct 11 14:00:08 BST 2005

>on the other hand, my experience is that laptop keyboards tend to be

>easier on the hands than regular desktop keyboards I have no idea why

I had that idea to for quite a long time (now I don't know any more). I
guess it's becuase the keys are easier to push down & maybe becuase they
are smaller (easier to reach)

I have installed my old wacomtablet at home now. I'm not that fast as
with the mouse (thats why I put it away the last time), but that don't
feel important any more.

I had one other idea that migth be possible to use. If it could be
possible to get a program to recognise and interpret gestures as
shorthand (stenography). I have no idea about if its a good idea. (I
found this: http://www.xstroke.org/) Do you have any experience about

I also have set up workrave whith a 30 sek break every 5 minutes & it
seems to work good. In the beginning it made me mad, but I actually
think it might give me a chance to get some distance to how a certain
problem can be solved & therefore even save me time.

I'm also a bit feeling a bit better now! At first I was devastated,
beeing at the end of my education, migth need to give up another thing
I actualy enjoyed, etc... But as a second thought I can find some other
thing! Or maybe it'll be better if I just changes/removes some things
(Instant messaging to VOIP for example).

Right now I will try to finish school (June 2006) & then I'll see.
Hopefully I can get a not to type intensive computer work & in other
case I might be a teacher or something!

Thanks a lot for all information!


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