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Al Gordon:

> You will need to install rubygems, which is not packaged for Ubuntu
> 5.04, but I believe may be available for 5.10 in a packaged format.

There seem to be Debian packages for RubyGems,

> If you're willing to install unpackaged software on your Hoary system,
> you can get rubygems here:

> Download, uncompress (tar xzvf rubygems-0.8.11.tgz), cd
> to the directory it creates, then run "sudo ruby setup.rb".

If you plan to install anything from source, it's best to prepend the
installation command with `checkinstall -D`, as it will create a .deb
file, install it (which registers the installed files with apt) and
is a nice way to have the software cleanly uninstallable.

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