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Tue Oct 11 06:23:33 UTC 2005

'Forum Post <ulist at>,       ' writes:
> I administrate a Windows LAN with a Ubuntu box sitting between the LAN
> and the router. The box has 2 network cards in it. The 1st receives
> traffic from the LAN (acting as a proxy), the 2nd sends the traffic
> (once appoved by dansguardian) to the router to get to the Net. I had
> someone else install Ubuntu for me, since I was not very knowledgeable.
> The default level I have dansguardian set at is "too harsh" - I need to
> change its level or attributes. Does anyone know...
> 1. Where to find config files for dansguardian?
> 2. How to change them?

As kind of an example of how to do things in Linux/Ubuntu, goto and search for dansguardian. The first result
takes you to and there is a Support area
about half way down the page on the left, with Docs, FAQs, HowTos,
(those will answer your questions,) and Mailing lists. Since you are
using a security product, it would be wise to join the Announcements
List, (just in case there are new versions, or bug fixes,) and the
Support List. Anything that is not in the Docs/FAQs/HowTos can be
directed to the list-it has helpful people, that will respond


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