wireless problem on laptop

Vram lamsokvr at xprt.net
Mon Oct 10 20:54:50 UTC 2005


Just installed a wireless card on my laptop..

Also, a WAP to go with it...

I hate doing two new things at the same time..

Any way..

I am using a Linksys Wireless-B Broadband router.

I will assume it is working well...

I am using one of the ethernet ports on the router and it is doing NAT
and my desktop computer can get out....  So I feel/know that part is
working correct.   I configured the SSID with a name and selected a
channel  (6)..

The laptop is running a Prism 1 card..

And it is detected and loads Orinoco drivers.
I have an ethernet card that I can run in the laptop so I know it loads
PCMCIA drivers also...

Well, Turn everything on and I don't get a wireless link...  No ip
address on the laptop..  It thinks it is up but, no IP..

What would be my next trouble shooting step......

I am running ubuntu 5.04 if that makes a difference..



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