USB mouse gets frozen on laptop (Breezy)

Vincent Arnoux vincent.arnoux at
Mon Oct 10 13:40:55 UTC 2005

I have just installed the latest Breezy on an ACER laptop. The only issue I 
have (beside an initial xorg.conf parameter to modify) is the following: the 
touchpad is perfectly working, but if I plug in a USB mouse (Microsoft 
optical), it will work for a given time (5 minutes) and then, all of a 
sudden, will stop working (laser is still on, but moving it around doesn't 
make the cursor to move). I have to switch to touchpad. If I unplug and plug 
it again it will again work for some time.
I have the feeling that if I keep the mouse moving, it can hold longer.
I have no message in dmesg, nor in the X11 log.

Is this a common issue with a known solution ?


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