filesystem questions

AA asokanon at
Mon Oct 10 06:04:52 UTC 2005

Hello all, I have a question or two regarding how my
HDs are set up.  I have a HD for winxp, a HD for
linux, and a 3rd HD that is split up for data storage.
 On the data HD I have 2 partitions, 1 is formatted
NTFS (logical) for xp and the other is formatted ext3
for linux.  My question is, how can I mount the ext3
partition in linux to allow for browsing to that drive
through nautilus and copy/paste/cut etc data to and
from the drive as a normal (not root) user?  I can
mount the partition with
sudo mount /dev/hdb2 /media/store/ -t ext3

but I cannot figure out how to allow my user account
to have this type of access.  I just want to use this
space in order to store files so that, in the event of
a problem, I wont have to replace them after a
reinstall or something of that nature. 
Thanks in advance, 

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