Video Card (AGP) Selection Advice

James Gray james at
Sun Oct 9 21:59:29 UTC 2005

On Monday 10 October 2005 06:19, AA wrote:
> I also Have an ATI Radeon 9200 128mb AGP that I would like to use both for
> the extra ram as well as for its dual monitor support.  (mostly the ram
> though).  I am just concerned about how well linux will accept this card.
> The nVidia just worked, I didnt have to do anything, although I did install
> the nVidia 3d drivers in linux. Will the radeon work as easily?  What
> problems, if any can I expect?

I've been using the instructions at this URL with my Ati X300-powered lappy 
for a while now and it works VERY nicely.

It's written for debian but IIRC the instructions also apply (unmodified) to 

FWIW, if I had the choice of buying another ATi or using an nVidia card, I'd 
get the nVidia every time.  The ATi drivers aren't bad, but their installer 
is nowhere near as mature as the nVidia one.  Secondly I've found the nVidia 
drivers on my AMD64 desktop are more stable than the ATi drivers on my lappy.  
Make of that what you will, but comparing AMD64+FX5700 and Centrino+X300 is 
like apples and oranges. :)


Nothing happens.

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