Twain Scanner and Ubuntu Breezy

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Sun Oct 9 18:41:34 UTC 2005

On Sun, 09 Oct 2005 12:06:32 -0600
Luis Murillo <lmurillo at> wrote:

> I have an AOC Spectrum Scanner F-1200 which uses the Twain drivers in
> Windows. I have completely switched to Ubuntu and the other machine in
> the house runs on Windows XP Home.
> The scanner drivers won't work on WinXP, so I would like to know if
> there's a way to get this scanner working in Ubuntu? Preferably that it
> doesn't use Wine, but if it's the only way to get it working then I
> guess I'll have to set that up.

i just googled around for 5 minutes, and it surely looks like you need
to try wine (or some other windows-version) ..

to look for supported scanners in linux see here :

and if you want a relatively cheap (usb-)scanner, the canon lide 20
works out of the box in ubuntu hoary as far as i remember

grtjs, albi
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