thunderbird can't find my mail

Duncan Lithgow dlithgow at
Sun Oct 9 18:28:22 UTC 2005

In order to install a danish dictionary into thunderbird I had to start tb
using sudo mozilla-thunderbird (on fedora I would have run it as root - not
sure how much this is the same thing) and install the dictionary. That
seemed to go fine - although I thought it was a bit odd that tb had all my
emails and everything visible when run as sudo, maybe I don't quite
understand sudo...

But, now when I start tb it thinks it's a new start and wants me to create a
new account etc. The folders are still in home and the permissions don't
seem to be changed - so I'm stumped. I've backed up my mail folder so fire
away with some suggestions of what the problem could be...

Until fixed I'll use gmail (thanks google!).

cheers, Duncan
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