Hot Swappable SATA Drives

Stephen Ryan taketwoaspirin at
Sat Oct 8 00:32:14 UTC 2005

On 10/6/05, Vram <lamsokvr at> wrote:
> Does Ubuntu support Hot Swappable SATA Drives?
> Vram

I'm going to guess no on this one (which is a shame, as I 'm installing a
new server with hot-swap SATA drives in it next week).

I think is the official status of page Linux
kernel support for SATA, and the infrastructure for hot swap appears to be
still in development. (Either that, or someone else is doing a very good job
of pretending to be the SATA maintainer and telling the truth about
everything but hotplug support). Based on that, I think it's rather unlikely
that Ubuntu has installed the highly experimental patches for it, and even
unlikely to be ready for the next release. I plan to treat mine as drives
that are just very easy to cold-swap for now; that machine cost too much for
me to be experimenting with it :-)
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