ubuntu and a highpoint 302 raid drive

Sean W nameneeded at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 22:00:40 UTC 2005

Sean W wrote:
> I have a server with a highpoint 302 raid device.
> I've installed Ubuntu and it went to hde for the / install and swap, and 
> I used hdf as a /cvs partition.  both drives are 200gb.
> However, on reboot I get a disk failure, can't boot.
> I'm totally lost on what to do from here, please assist.
> Sean
Hi, I'm guessing from the lack of response, there isn't anyone out there 
who knows how this should work.

If someone does know anything about this, or how I should investigate 
further I'd like to hear from them, I'm sure that someone somewhere has 
to have tried installing Ubuntu on a raid configured device.

Please let me know.



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