Changing permissions for a group of files via nautilus

Richard Querin rfquerin at
Fri Oct 7 02:53:03 UTC 2005

A real linux newbie question:

I have copied a folder full of files and subfolders from my windows drive
into my /home directory. The folder is read-only unless I'm root as are the
subfolders and files it contains. I understand how to give ownership and
write permissions on the individual files to my username while I'm root,
however I can only modify these on a file by file basis. If I highlight a
group of files in Nautilus, the permission and ownership properties cannot
be changed.

I'm trying to do this via nautilus and the properties dialog. If it's
quicker to do from the terminal, please let me know either way.



BTW - sorry for such a newbie question. I *am* in the midst of trying to
find a nice simple linux tutorial. Can anybody recommend a good one?
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