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Thu Oct 6 12:51:18 UTC 2005

Yes I am talking about MSN. 
I have gaim installed already. (I'm at work and don't have the ubuntu
machine in front of me, but this morning when I looked it had a whole
list of networks but I did not recall seeing MSN, but then it was early
and before my first cup of coffee.
So yes, that is waht I am refering windows messaging where you have to
set up a .net passport account. 

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	I'm a bit unclear on your requirements. If you are talking
"windows messaging" I assume you mean MSN. When you talk about "network"
and "channels", that sounds like IRC. These are two totally different
things, and cannot be interconnected (easily).
	Please verify that "windows messaging" indeed is MSN, and then
go install "gaim" on ubuntu. It supports MSN, IRC and a whole lot more.
You'll like it :-)
	Good luck,

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