accessing the command prompt

Thomas Beckett thomas.beckett at
Wed Oct 5 22:48:14 UTC 2005

>  Many
> applications are missing the tags needed for screen reading hints, and
> other applications are just silent.  Just getting used to the keypad
> control layers is hard enough.
Not being blind I never thought how difficult this must be until I read this.
Where are these tags? Is it something that people could start adding?
foe example could I look for programs that dont contain these tags and
add them? How would we go about this? I notice when making glade
programs that there is an accessability section which is where I
gather that Gnopernicus would get the tags you talk about, but what
about programs that are hand coded from gtk code and dont use glade to
design the interface? I would be interested in updating some programs
when I have spare time if I can work how how to do it. Is there a 
team working on this sort of thing so I can find out from them how
best to do it?


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