Hardware SATA RAID

Matthew Andersen matthew_lists at barelystable.com
Wed Oct 5 19:41:49 UTC 2005

I recently installed a 3ware 7000 series card in an Ubuntu 5.04 machine,
it supplied drivers with the card, but they were built into the kernel
already. However, there are some utilities in the driver set I never
played with. As for hotswapping, I can't find the stats of the card
right now, but the 3ware 8506-4LP I can find on newegg.com says it has
hot-swap and hot-spare. Point of this is, when I was looking I read
older posts saying that 3ware had linux support but it was outdated, but
in the end the card worked out of the box. I would suggest the 7000
series over the 8000 if you find out its hotswappable because they are
both 64-bit/66mhz cards, but it says in the manual of the 7000 you can
install it on a 32-bit/33mhz bus with no problems, which is what I did.

Oh, in case you're wondering, the card is being used in a nearline
backup system and haven't had a single problem the performance of the
card or the reliability.

John Richard Moser wrote:

>Anyone know of a PCI (33mhz) 4 port SATA RAID hardware card with open
>source drivers I can use that has hotplugging ability?  I'm looking at
>spending around $200-$300 for the card. . .

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