ifconfig idea

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Oct 5 19:00:34 UTC 2005

Uli Wachowitz wrote:

>> Matt Palmer wrote:
>> Well, only after you\'ve configured /etc/network/interfaces :-)

Actually, I wrote that.
> Not really mandatory ;-)

It _is_ if you want to use ifup, which was Matt's suggestion.  There are any
number of other solutions though to scripting network configuration.  I've
mostly stopped using ifupdown and /e/n/interfaces in favor of doing
everything inside whereami.
> On my system my "/etc/network/interfaces" only contains the entry for
> the loopback interfaces.
> Everything else is handled by a script which asks for a
> "roaming-profile" and executes some commands to configure the interfaces
> as needed. Every profile consists of some config files. Those configs
> usually contain commands like "ifconfig/iwconfig/route" etc., nothing
> exotic.

It seems a lot more exotic than using /etc/network/interfaces :-)  No
solution, so far, seems to really simplify configuration though.  I'm still
waiting breathlessly for a good KDE implementation of NetworkManager.

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