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> I am thinking of Running linux, and I have read that  Ubuntu seems popular
> so I am thinking of going for that distro and it was one recommended by
> someone I knew from a School I went to in Worcester. I am hoping to
> install
> it when I have chance to find someone to help me install it as I will need
> Sighted assistance because I am Totally Blind.
> However the people who may be helping me install it have little knowledge
> of
> Linux. My sister offered to help me install it on my new laptop and my dad
> said he would like to learn about Linux after I have met and talked to
> people at my local Linux User Group. I was going to ask someone from my
> to help me install it but it could have taken 45 minutes to do it and I
> didn't have a wireless card in my laptop although there is a slot for one.
> If someone helps me install Ubuntu, how do I get to a command prompt
> before
> I type sudo apt-get install gnopernicus? I may need to instruct my dad or
> my
> sister as to how to get to a text prompt. Is it an ALT plus function key
> or
> is that for just switching consols?

after a successful ubuntu-install it's likely that you have a graphical
login (called gdm, Gnome Display Manager) to login to the GUI, then there
are 2 different things :

1) virtual consoles, linux has by default 6 virtual consoles
   enabled, if you want to use them, from the GUI (called X, or The X
   windowing system), you would do ctrl-alt-F1 or ctrl-alt-F2 etc. to go
   to a virtual console, from there you can login and start typing
   commands like : sudo apt-get install grok gnopernicus
   (to go back to the GUI you would press ctrl-alt-F7)

2) using a terminal-program in X, you can go to Applications -> System
   Tools -> Terminal and then start typing commands

i think to install gnopernicus you would :

1) enable "assistive technology support" -> System -> Preferences ->
   Assistive Technogoly Support -> click on enable
2) then follow the above text about installing programs via a virtual
   console or a terminal

you can also use synaptic to install programs, -> System ->
Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager

good luck!

grtjs, albi
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