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vignesh m feduntu at
Wed Oct 5 14:35:03 UTC 2005

No never happened to me.I usually play Aisleriot.

On 10/5/05, Norman Silverstone <norman at> wrote:
> I frequently play patience type card games such as those included with
> Hoary. Recently, after the last update I think, when I click on the game
> in the list (applications -> Games -> FreeCell Patience for example) the
> window appears with cards dealt. In a flash, the cards disappear and the
> window is blank. On selecting 'select game' the window with the games
> listed opens and the game, FreeCell Patience is already highlighted.
> Click on that and cards appear. Exactly the same thing happens for other
> card games. Has any one else experienced this sort of thing please?
> Norman
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