Rhythmbox under Xfce in Breezy.

Neil Woolford neil at neilwoolford.co.uk
Wed Oct 5 11:54:25 UTC 2005

Thanks to all who responded to my post about Rhythmbox giving errors
rather than sound under Xfce installed as a session option on Breezy.
(Not the Xubuntu version with Xfce by default.)

The Linux sound swamp is still a confusing place;  two approaches seemed
to give results:  manually starting ESD from the terminal or selecting
'Launch Gnome Services' on Xfce session startup.

As the latter is the easiest to do, it is the route I am taking for now.

For any others with similar problems;  go to the Xfce panel, open the
settings manager, then the Sessions and Startup item and finally check
Launch Gnome services on the advanced tab.  (I seemed to need a reboot
before it worked, which I wouldn't have expected.)

Your Mileage May Vary...


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