recover a lost file.....(aka, i messed up, hard)

dan hentaidan at
Wed Oct 5 10:42:41 UTC 2005

>On 04/10/05, Matan Nassau <matan.nassau at> wrote:
> As to how do we get the file back... I'm not sure I know. ext3 is a
> journaling filesystem, there must be something!

This happened to me once (or twice!)...

>From the linux ext3 faq @

Q: How can I recover (undelete) deleted files from my ext3 partition?
Actually, you can't! This is what one of the developers, Andreas
Dilger, said about it:

In order to ensure that ext3 can safely resume an unlink after a
crash, it actually zeros out the block pointers in the inode, whereas
ext2 just marks these blocks as unused in the block bitmaps and marks
the inode as "deleted" and leaves the block pointers alone.

Your only hope is to "grep" for parts of your files that have been
deleted and hope for the best.

Some info @ ,
scroll down to "File recovery tools".

Good luck...!


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