Internet (eth1, wireless) died after yesterdays updates.

Johannes Schill johannes80 at
Wed Oct 5 10:04:14 UTC 2005

More info:

Ok. eth1 doesnt seem to get any power.
its "disabled" in the wifi manager (kde - i run kubuntu breezy preview)

And when i try to enable it ("sudo iwconfig eth1 txpower on") this line 
is added to my syslog:
"ipw2200: failed to send TX_POWER command"

Any ideas?

Johannes Schill wrote:

> Hello,
> I just arrived here at work and did my regular apt-get update | 
> apt-get upgrade | apt-get dist-upgrade on my laptop.
> Then i left the laptop for my workstation and after a while the laptop 
> went into sleep mode. However, it didnt wake up so i had to reboot it 
> with the power-on button. When it booted it stoped on "Waiting for 
> network interfaces to go up" (or similar) but after 10 seconds or so 
> it said [ok]. But now it seems like if eth1 has stopped working (eth1 
> = wireless "Intel ProWireless 2200", for celeron processors). I cant 
> pick up any signal with it.
> Anyone whove experienced similar problems since yesterdays update?
> Sincerely,
> Johannes

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