Thunderbird won't start after dist-upgrade, hoary to breezy

Steve bassix at
Tue Oct 4 19:46:05 UTC 2005

On 10/4/05, Matt Morgan <minxmertzmomo at> wrote:
> I just tried to do a dist-upgrade from hoary to breezy. Almost
> everything looks OK.
> But Thunderbird won't start. When I try, I get a little dialog that says
> ---
> Please Restart
> Changes in the set of globally installed extensions detected.
> You must restart Thunderbird one more time in order to finalize those changes!
> ---
> There's an OK button, and the X in the upper right. Whichever I
> choose, the box disappears for a second or so, then comes right back.
> Thunderbird never starts.
> I restarted X and then rebooted, but neither helped. Every time I
> start Thunderbird, it's the same. I have to imagine this is some kind
> of permissions error in the application directory or at least the
> extensions directory, but they're all set to 644 or 755 (if a
> directory), just like I'd expect.
> Googling doesn't help much. Other people have gotten this error, but
> it has either gone away after restarting, or they speak languages I
> don't understand.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Matt

I would suggest going into Synaptic and uninstalling thunderbird, then
installing thunderbird (maybe look for "mozilla-thunderbird" package
to install - see next paragraph).

However, I am not sure if you will lose your personal data (e-mail
settings and messages). I think it should be OK, as I've had to do
this with firefox (uninstalled "firefox" then had to install
"mozilla-firefox") and all my extensions, themes and firefox settings

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