webdav + openoffice question

albi albi at scii.nl
Tue Oct 4 16:42:02 UTC 2005

on one server (ubuntu warty/hoary mix) i've set up WebDAV, and it works
fine, except that, via konqueror (on an ubuntu-client), openoffice
complains about pathnames and bails out, and via nautilus in breezy (in
hoary nautilus + webdavs crashes all the time), openoffice keeps
repeatly asking for a password, and also does not open any files at all

exactly the same thing is happening with the same setup on a server
using debian sarge (in both cases using apache 1.3.x)

any ideas ? via google i can't find anything usable at all

grtjs, albi
gpg-key: lynx -dump http://scii.nl/~albi/gpg.asc | gpg --import

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