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Thomas Beckett thomas.beckett at
Mon Oct 3 09:42:23 UTC 2005

On 9/30/05, 'Forum Post <ulist at> wrote:
> eh? :confused:
> manually load kernel module (researching this, but what should I be
> loading, like will I find something called sound module for e.g)
> and will i find it on my computer do I hafta dll it from the net.
> btw opl3??? - is that a command (N00b dont laff)

Hmm had trouble finding much out about this card - is it a very old
card? From what i can tell through lists it seems that it may only be
supported in OSS, not ALSA. No problem for getting gnome to play
sounds and music playing though.
I think the kernel module for your sound card is CS4235 so try this:

open a terminal window and type:
sudo modprobe snd-cs4235

if that doesnt work then try:
sudo modprobe cs4235

This will load the kernel module for your card. If it works and you
can hear sounds (try opening xmms or another music player, or enabling
sounds in gnomes sound preferences).
If the sound works like this then the module is only loaded during
this session - it will not load next time.To fix this - at the
terminal enter:

sudo gedit /etc/modules
then simply add snd-cs4235 or cs4235 (whichever worked) on a new
seperate line at the bottom, your module will then be loaded into the
kernel every time your computer starts.

Let me know how you get on....


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