Synaptic does not resume partial package downloads

ZIYAD A. M. AL-BATLY zamb at
Mon Oct 3 02:50:04 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-10-02 at 21:44 -0400, 'Forum Post wrote:
> save your package selection before you apply the selection.
> load your saved file after a crash, and re-apply
> It doesnt redownload the ones that have already come down (I think -
> someone back me up on this)
> it's kind of a hack job when you consider it, but at least you have
> something to work with
> -- 
> brentoboy
By default, Synaptic doesn't re-download the *.deb files that are
already available in the APT archive (located at

However, I think what Alan was asking is how to resume a corrupted
download (that is, if the connection went down before finishing download
some DEB file).  As far as I know, Synaptic (nor dselect, aptitude and
the other gang) can do that automatically.

You could resume the download manually by going to
"/var/cache/apt/archives/partial/" and continue the download there.  You
need to find the package URL first (use
"" to search for the DEB file).

After completing the download successfully move the file to
"/var/cache/apt/archives".  To resume a broken download with "wget" pass
it the "-c" or "--continue" argument.

Don't hesitate to ask again, we'll be glad to (try to?) help.

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