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On 10/2/05, jacob king <breathstinkgeek at> wrote:
> i cant't seem to figure out how to install software seeing how there is no
> autoplay. how do i go about this? and i cant download any files because im
> trying to install my cable modem's software and i cant!!!! please help
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Put your cd in the drive. Go to Synaptic and go to Settings -->
Repositories. Remove every single one except the CD, and you will force
synaptic to install from CD. Just remember to add these back in when you are
done or you'll never get any of the updates! I wouldn't do this if it's a
simple install of a small program or library. If it's something complicated
like, it might be easier to do it this way.

Or, more easily, if you know what the name of the package is....go to you CD
and look under

/pool and then either main or restricted....probably main. Once there you'll
see a series of directories for nearly every letter of the alphabet. Go to
the letter that corresponds with your package name and install. I recommend
copying everything you need over to your home directory with nautilus.

Then, open up a gnome terminal (<Alt>-F2 and type gnome-terminal) and use

sudo dpkg -i *deb

When it asks, type in your password. The computer should hum. If you get
dependency errors, telling you it needs some package but doesn't have it,
you'll need to go get it from the CD. But, if you're just after a library or
two, this shouldn't be an issue.

The program dpkg is what apt-get/synaptic use to install your software
everytime you do so. Programs like apt-get merely extend dpkg and take care
of the dependancy stuff automatically. Here you might wind up providing some
of the packages manually. But, you can install them all at one time. They do
not need to be installed in order or importance.

What are you trying to install?

I hope this helps. If you have questions concerning the installation, form a
terminal type:
man dpkg
man apt-get

Or just ask here and I or someone else will do a better job of explaining
all of this.
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