ndiswrapper drops connection after kernel update

Arnold Kester ArnoldKester at planet.nl
Sun Oct 2 19:06:09 UTC 2005

I have an AMD athlon running ubuntu w kernel k7-, and I use 
ndiswrapper 1.2 to connect my alcatel speedtouch 120g to the wireless 
access point. Mostly without problems when I used the 386 kernel, but 
after updating to 686 and later to k7 the connection works at boot-up 
but dies after some time (5-20 minutes). The nasty thing is that the 
keyboard is also disabled when this happens, so I can hardly do anything 
and have to reboot. The shutdown itself doesnt finish either, I have to 
use the reset button.

I fear I'm doing something very wrong, such as installing the wrong 
kernel, but would ubuntu boot at all then?

What can I do? I'm writing this teeth-gnashingly using windows, so 
please help me.


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