Evolution Search/Virtual folder rules. Can I make one for "Sender is in Contacts"?

Neil Woolford neil at neilwoolford.co.uk
Sun Oct 2 17:47:15 UTC 2005

I've just been playing with Evolution under Breezy, trying out some of
the slightly more advanced features.

Search folders (formerly known as Virtual Folders) do seem a good way of
quickly getting to manageable views of your mail.  I've easily been able
to set up folders for many of the types of mail that I receive.

What I still wish to do, but can't yet see how, is to make a Search
Folder for all mail received from any address that is in my contacts
list/address book.  I could make a Search Folder rule that included all
the from addresses of my contacts, but it would be a nightmare to
maintain;  I just want Evolution to show me mail from contacts in one
Search folder, the rule tracking changes to my address book

I notice that you can set the HTML mail download images option to allow
'from contacts only'.  I think that this should mean that the 'engine'
for making choices based on the contacts list is already present in

Is there a way to set the rule that I want?  I notice that one can set a
rule based on a (regular) expression, but can't find specific
information about writing them for Evolution.  Is this the way forward?


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