'Forum Post ulist at
Sun Oct 2 15:12:06 UTC 2005

I agree with you Andy you can mess up enough with synaptic and with
hoary i have done that enough ;) That's why I didn't use ubuntu for a
while. Know i'm trying breezy allready for a few weeks just to get
familiar with the system and when the final will come out I will use
Ubuntu on my system and windows will only be there for the windows

I didn't find it out yet. (didn't want to ask for it because it
probably is allready mentioned on the forum so I should just search for
it I'm the kind of user that just wants to start and not read the user
manual first ;) and i know it's probably very irritating for
experienced users to answer the noobs questions over and over again)
Probably the best part of Ubuntu is the comunity who are always willing
to help thanx.

I see Dennis allready answered it anyway :) so i will give that a try.
(and Dennis thank you for the great work on the Dutch Ubuntu


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