Loading midi soundfonts on startup

'Forum Post ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Sun Oct 2 11:44:37 UTC 2005

> Please, if you're going to post from the forum, QUOTE! It's impossible
> to

> tell on the mail-list or gmane news who, when, or what you're
> responding

> to. I'm just about ready to put 'Forum Post' in the killfile.

> -- 

> derek

Ok, I accept that - quoting would have been better. Sorry if it caused

To be honest though - I didn't realise it's quite so critical. 

> mail-list or gmane news.......Forum Post

I have no idea that those things exist and that someone is concerned
about them. I could guess as to what their purpose may be, now that
I've seen them mentioned, but it's a bit tricky to be mindful of these
things when you're unaware of them. 

I'm just a try-hard linux user who doesn't really know anything of
signifficance about whole shabang, looking for some answers on what I
consider to be an excellent forum. If you, derek, are one of the
persons looking after these forums, then thank you very much for your
hard work and sorry for unknowingly making your job more difficult. 

I shall quote from hence forth ;)


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