ATI Graphics Card UMA?

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Sat Oct 1 21:43:43 UTC 2005

On 10/1/05, Jhair Tocancipa Triana <jhair_tocancipa at> wrote:
> Andy Choens writes:
> > I am now happily running gnome with the proprietary driver. But, it's
> using
> > 32 MB of my main memory and NONE of the 128 it has sitting on the card.
> > I would like to know if anyone has any good ideas about something can
> tweak
> > in my xorg.conf so I can use the on-board memory.
> > Below I have attached a copy of my xorg.conf file. I am running a HP
> zv6000
> > amd-64 with an ATI 200M graphics card.
> I do have the same laptop and as far as I know for that card the 128MB
> refer to shared memory (i.e. shared with the RAM of the laptop), and
> not to dedicated memory sitting on the card.
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> --Jhair
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I think it does. Otherwise, why would it even have the option in the BIOS?
And, why would the BIOS be set this was as the default for Windows?

I got this from HP's website.

128MB ATI RADEON(R) XPRESS 200M w/Hypermemory(TM)
   ATI RADEON(R) XPRESS 200M with 128MB dedicated video memory delivers
great image qualities for crisp, sharper 3D action video and brings
graphic-intensive applications to life. This graphics solution increases
performance to handle the heavy graphics from games, the Internet and
graphically intensive applications. Hypermemory(TM) technology builds on the
bandwidth of system memory and ATI software to deliver performance for
mobile graphics using lower amounts of local graphics memory. Additional
features include an IEEE 1394 port, 6-in-1 Media Reader, Consumer IR and an
ExpressCard/54 slot.

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