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On 10/1/05, Dennis Kaarsemaker <dennis at> wrote:
> On za, 2005-10-01 at 15:29 -0400, 'Forum Post wrote:
> > Im using windows at the moment but theres an entry in the administration
> > menu called 'boot' which allows you to easily add new entries to the
> > boot loader. you should be easily able to add windows with this
> Please verify what you say before saying it. This application has been
> removed.

Wow, why did that get removed? That seems sorta silly. It was useful for
just this sort of problem.

Ok, I had the same exact thing happen to me. But, after reading this snifty
littly How-To, it will never happen to you again.

Go to /boot/grub and open menu.lst Go to the very bottom. You'll see som
hashmarks that mark the end of the autogenerated file. Insert what you need
to boot Windows from there. As I understand things (which could be wrong)
this should get you working again. Mine looks like this, you'll need to
change the drive.

title Microsoft Windows XP
root (hd0,0)
chainloader +1
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