LTModem and Breezy

'Forum Post ulist at
Sat Oct 1 19:50:33 UTC 2005


Please don't interpret my ramblings as definitive outcome.  I don't
know that LT modems won't be supported, I was just expressing my hope
that support won't be dropped.  Still, I'd like to know of a USB modem
that is supported so I can share it with other computers when the need

A solution to your problem may be in compiling your own kernel modules.
You can get the source for the LT drivers and make your own.  I would
do that, but you have to have the full kernel source (not just the
headers), and I'm on 28.8 dialup and don't feel like downloading that
much.  If the lt_* modules don't make it back into restricted-modules,
I might try to figure out a different way to get the source packages
and compile my own.  I'm not sure.  I'm also toying with the idea of a
new external modem (of the serial variety).

On a semi-related note, does any know if those USB-serial adapters
(plug a serial device into a USB port) work with modems and drivers are
available for Linux (Ubuntu specifically)?




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