How to create a terabyte storage array?

Anders Karlsson trudheim at
Wed Nov 30 22:22:18 UTC 2005

On 11/30/05, Zach <uid000 at> wrote:
> File gets corrupted/damaged/deleted/misplaced/overwritten/etc--> go to
> backup set and restore. That seems fairly relevent.

It is irrelevant, as it can (and will) happen whether you have RAID-0,
RAID-5, RAID-10 or JBOD storage. The way you configure your storage
matters not if a user decides to run a 'rm -rf *' in his home
directory or on his fileshare.

> Backups will enable that.  Raid will not.  Certainly raid has
> advantages in terms of reliability over the long term, which is useful
> especially where server availability is a priority.  However, I'm just
> trying to point out that LVM brings some advantages in terms of
> simplicity to set up and maintain, and warrants consideration.  It is
> a very viable option, especially if backups are being performed.

You can use LVM across MD devices, that is exactly how I have my
system configured. That way, I could add another mirrored pair of
discs, make them a PV and extend my VG with. I have the ease of use of
LVM and safety of RAID. Best of both worlds.

Anders Karlsson <trudheim at>

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