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federico ouch.doh at
Wed Nov 30 05:40:38 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 30 November 2005 00:46, Wade Smart wrote: 
Wade Smart escribió:
> 11292005 2141 GMT-5
> This is from the INSTALL file:
> 1. ./configure
> 2. 'make' to compile
> 3. Optionally, 'make check'
> 4. make install
> 5. you can remove the binaries.
> Thats pretty much it.
> I have two files titled and I dont know if that
> helps.

OK, downloaded the source and I have the same trouble.
That is not nice :-( Maybe I am missing something but it
just don't won't spit a Makefile.

So the next step is get an rpm of a somewhat modern
rpm-based distro and transform it to a deb.
This is a last resource option and should never be used 
for an important package. 

sudo apt-get install alien

then download :

Now in a console go to the folder where you have
put the rpm.
alien -i gruler-0.6-1.2.fc4.rf.i386.rpm

this will make a deb from the rpm and install it in
your system. 
Please read "man alien"; at least the first 2 paragraphs so you
understand fully what you are doing. For packages like this, 
it is quite safe.  You can remove it with synaptic or apt.

Some packages will not run or install using this method though.

gruler worked ok here; install, run, remove.
I am running breezy.



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