Ubuntu's unstable vs Debian unstable

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Tshepang Lekhonkhobe:

> From what I read on the lists it seems that Ubuntu's
> unstable is generally more broken than Debian's

It depends. Ubuntu has a 6 month release cycle, and early in the cycle
the 'unstable' (currently - Dapper) is generally broken, while near the
end of the cycle it usually works.

> making me feel safer using Sid.

I switched my laptop from Debian sid to Ubuntu Breezy (stable) around
a month ago, and can't wait for the moment I can switch my workstation
as well. What do you need from Debian sid that's not available in Ubuntu
stable reinforced by selected backports?

So far, I've backported for myself the following without a problem:
Dosage 1.5.5, Firefox 1.5, Gtodo 0.14+CVS, lighttpd 1.4.8, mc 4.6.1,
PHPPgAdmin 3.5.6, Quod Libet 0.15, Rails 0.14.3, Unison 2.13.16 and
X-Moto 0.1.8.

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