Which USB mp3 player to purchase?

Ron Bellomo cyberbear at plateautel.net
Wed Nov 30 01:52:59 UTC 2005

Alligator wrote:

>A dilemma, I bought a LG - Ubuntu would not recognize it. Next a Sony
>walkman network, it works up to the point of pressing play "No Data", so
>Sony decodes mp3. What should I purchase that works?  I want a small
>device not an iPod, something around 512M. Tell me what works for you!
I have been using a small Lexar Jump Drive that has an MP3 player built 
in. It is only a 128MB capacity player but holds enough songs for a one 
hour run/jogging workout. the Lexar works with Windows 2000/XP without 
any drivers. It works seamlessly in Linux, too. Just plug it in, add or 
delete files, and go!

There may be higher capacity units available now.

I have an iPod but only use it for listening while walking on lunch 
breaks. I found out the hard way that using a hard drive based player 
for anything that causes moderate jostling can cause the drive to fail 

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