nVidia with stock kernel crashes when leaving X

Anders Karlsson trudheim at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 21:15:45 UTC 2005

Hi there,

I thought I'd post about what I have managed to find out so far. It
does not seem to matter whether the Ubuntu stock kernel or a
homecooked kernel is used, there is still lockups. It does not seem to
matter whether the nVidia drivers in Ubuntu is used, or the latest
from nVidia website nor using the 6629 drivers with a patch to make it
run on later 2.6 kernels.

Similarly, using PreEmpt or not, or using 100, 250 or 1000 Hz does not
seem to matter. Having GL on or off seems not to matter either. My
.config is getting increasingly sparse, most things are now compiled
in statically. I have now added KDB to and have a serial
console attached which I will be using to debug any future crashes. If
I find something, I will post them here and where ever else it would
be suitable.

Anders Karlsson <trudheim at gmail.com>

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