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Sarangan Thuraisingham / துரைசிங்கம் சாரங்கன் sarangan.thuraisingham at
Sun Nov 27 06:29:41 UTC 2005

Alain Muls wrote:
> Hi
> I installed banshee and tried to play music. It did not work.
> Then I recalled I had to kill esd for gstreamer to play music. So I did 
> the same and now banshee works.
> For music I used beep-media-player which did not have this problem.
> How can I avoid having to kill esd (and so loosing sound alerts, eg. 
> windows popping up,...)?
> Tx

There are several alternatives to get sound in Linux. First there was 
OSS, then ALSA. Ubuntu uses ESD to overcome some shortcomings of ALSA. 
Each of these systems are mutually exclusive( well kind of; some guru 
out there pls enlighten us ;-) ). So you can use one or the other.

I looked in synaptic and banshee depends on gstreamer. So that explains 
why you had to kill esd for banshee to work, as you did when playing 
music using gstreamer. You might try installing the esd plugin for 
gstreamer. The one I am using is called 'gstreamer0.8-esd'.

After you install it, the esd output should be used by default. If it 
didn't may be you can look in setting for banshee that lets you pick ESD 
sink as the ouput source. If none of this worked, then someone else in 
this list might be able to help :D

  - Saru
Sarangan Thuraisingham
ECS, University of Southampton, UK


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