want to remove all my personal data in Evolution2?

Jeff Co hanzjordan at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 09:37:18 UTC 2005


I use Breezy. Evolution 2.4.1.

I'd like to remove all my personal data (contacts, calendar
appointments, tasks) from Evolution 2.

In the past, I used a Palm PDA and it synced with Evolution. Now I use
a PocketPC and I want Evolution to have a clean slate when it syncs
with my PocketPC pda.

How do I remove all my personal data on EVolution2?
I've tried the ff:
-- Using synaptic manager to remove packages that start with "evolution
I select "complete removal" when I get the prompt.

--I have tried these commands:
rm -r ~/.evolution
rm -rf ~.evolution*
rm -rf ~.evolution2
rm -rf ~.evolution

But whenever I open Evolution, all my contacts, tasks, and calendar
appointments are still there. PLease help.

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