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Kipton Moravec kip at
Fri Nov 25 13:02:40 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-23 at 13:51 -0500, Brant Fitzsimmons wrote:
> fmccormick at wrote:
> >Firefox 1.07 and I have mplayer installed.
> >
> >Its just very annoying how these web sites make you jump through hoops if you're not running MS software.  I have complained to various sites and got no replies or changes.
> >
> >Cheers
> >
> >---Frank McCormick---
> Make sure you have the Universe apt repository enabled and install
> mozilla-mplayer.  Then you're going to remove the totem plugins that
> screw things up.
> Here's how:
> sudo aptitude install mozilla-mplayer
> sudo cd /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins/
> sudo rm libtotem_mozilla.*
> Open Firefox, go to and watch video.
> Let me know if you still have trouble.

I was able to install mozilla-mplayer using Snaptic.
Then did cd /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins/
and when rm libtotem_mozilla.* did not work, I tried sudo rm

So I am at the same point. It still does not work. No picture and no
sound. The window pops up, it says it is loading, then says done. Like
it has finished viewing the video. 

The only thing I want to try is a reboot, to see if that makes a
Kipton Moravec <kip at>

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