[dist-upgrade] problem since 2.6.12-10

Matthias Hörl hoerl at khg.jku.at
Thu Nov 24 17:08:13 UTC 2005

hi folks

   since the security-update for the breezy from 2.6.12-9 to 2.6.12-10 
the parallelport and the usb-slots on my dockingstations are death - no 
printer, no external hdd, no mouse, no sound. are there any issues known 
about this?

if there are some hints how to solve this prob i would be glad - the 
interesting thing is that the network port is still functional on the 
docking ... äh yes - the machine is a dell d800 (laptop) and the 
function on the parport and usb at the laptop itself is good.

also booting with the old kernel doesn't change the problem

mfg matthias

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