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Thu Nov 24 09:44:59 GMT 2005


Per, we're thinking of applying
some patches that will make our i386/amd64 CD boot loader (isolinux) a
bit shinier. A prerequisite for this is making sure that it doesn't
cause systems not to be able to boot Ubuntu CDs that previously could
boot Ubuntu CDs just fine.

(None of this affects powerpc systems. If you only have powerpc systems
available, you can skip the rest of this mail.)

There is a test image here, kindly provided by Fabian Franz:

I would appreciate it if you could download this and report to me (in
private mail please - no need to flood the list with replies) whether
you see a menu; the menu should begin with the item "Knoppix (Kernel
2.4, normale Einstellungen)", should have seven items, should have a
SuSE logo, and should have a menu bar across the bottom with entries for
F1 to F6. This CD image is just a test, so don't expect the menu items
to actually do anything useful; the purpose of this test is merely to
determine whether you can see the menu.

I'm particularly interested in testing from owners of machines, probably
laptops, that can only use the VGA framebuffer, not the VESA
framebuffer. The VESA framebuffer is what you get when you boot a
regular Ubuntu CD with the 'vga=<something>' kernel argument, where
<something> depends on the video mode you want but is often 771.
('vga=ask' gets you a menu.)


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