Video format : converting MOV to MPEG ??

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Wed Nov 23 20:07:54 UTC 2005


I just took about 10 little video clips with my digital camera, they are
very crap quality of course, (blurry picture, and only 320x240, and only
15fps IIRC, and can last only 35 seconds each, maximum), yet they take
lots of space, about 8MB each, way too big (75MB in all) to share them
with my friends via e-mail or even upload them, as although I have
broadband downstream, upstream is only 128kbps... and I am not very

I reckon these clips, if properly compressed in MPEG, could drop the
size down to well under 10MB for sure, which is a lot more manageable,
without deterioring the quality the slightest bit (seeing as it's quite
low to start with).

I search in the Application Installer for a general purpose video
editing program, thinking I could just import the videos and save them
as MPEG, but I can't see anything suitable.

IIRC, there are command line tools to handle audio/video
encoding/decoding, but unless someone who knows his onions with these
tools can take my hand, I have zero chance of succeeding I think...

Can't we just have "Adobe Premiere" for Linux, or something ?! ;-)



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