dist-upgrade installed new kernel = KERNEL PANIC [SOLVED]

Dennis Kaarsemaker dennis at kaarsemaker.net
Wed Nov 23 14:39:56 UTC 2005

On do, 2005-11-24 at 01:00 +1100, James Gray wrote:
> Here's the traps I fell into:
> 1. 15MB for /boot really isn't enough.  Multiply that by about 10 and
> you're in the right ball park.

/dev/hda5              51M   16M   32M  34% /boot

This is wikt the -10 and -12 kernels installed, so 15mb is just a bit
too small :) 

> 2. When a package throws half a screen of warning message telling you
> in detail why whatever you're trying to do is a "bad thing" - FFS,


> 3. Never remove a working kernel until you've verified the new kernel
> is OK.

I fell for that one too once...

> 4. Know how to dig yourself out of a hole (or have a spare machine to
> find the answer).

...and had an Ubuntu live CD to climb out :)

> The most embarrassing thing for me is that I have been a Unix engineer
> for more than a decade, I've been playing with Linux since the pre 1.0
> kernel, I have a bachelor's degree in Comp Sci and I got cocky and
> rushed a kernel upgrade.  No matter how good you think you are,
> there's always something waiting around the corner to bite you on the
> arse!  I'm feeling a little sheepish....asbestos suit on - flame
> away! 

Well, at least you admit it, most 'die hard linux/unix gurus' will never
admit their mistakes and just blame it on others "why should a kernel be
so large ffs".

It's good to see that another problem is solved :)
Dennis K.
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