Cedega 5 on AMD64

Martin Schmeisser SchmeisserMartin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 10:17:31 UTC 2005

Simon Taplin schrieb:

>Has anybody tried to install Cedega 5.01 on Breezy AMD64. The 15size
>install says it is for i386 architecture and to install the 64Bit
>version. There is no 64Bit version per say, justa  cedega-small which
>is supposed to be for 64Bit systems but that also says it for the
>wrong architecture. Do I need to force the install?

do never install 386 apps on an 64 system...!

I believe theres no wine or cedega for 64 bits...but you can install it 
inside a chroot. See wiki.ubuntu.com for instructions

cheers, Martin

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