Single Install CD ISO :-)

Michael Beattie mtbeedee at
Tue Nov 22 19:29:24 UTC 2005

On 11/22/05, Hodgins Family <ehodgins at> wrote:
> Ah, don't get me wrong.
> > Tossing in my 0.02 worth, I like the 1 CD install as well. However, to
> > prove
> > the point above that you can't please everybody, I find it a tad bit
> > annoying that to use Samba (as an example) on my off-web machines, I had
> > to
> > head out on the Web to get smbclient. Kinda like getting a new car and
> > then
> > having to go out again to get the steering wheel installed.
> >
> > Rob
> >
> >You could always go fetch the debs from
> > and burn them to a disc.
> I've been doing that...and telling others to do the same.  It's just a tad
> annoying that I'd have to (as opposed to slipping in CD #2 or whatever).
> No quibbles with the layout of the CD itself and certainly no problems with
> the distro.
> Rob

Maybe there should be an "extras" cd that has all of the other
packages that are in main (and universe?) that you could optionally
get to not have to fetch all these packages off the internet.

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