Single Install CD ISO :-)

Hodgins Family ehodgins at
Tue Nov 22 17:57:10 UTC 2005

Good morning!

> I like that Ubuntu tries to choose one tool for a task instead of trying
> to include them all.  I think this helps keep the distribution lean and
> focuses people on improving the shortcomings of the chosen tool.  I hope
> Ubuntu doesn't lose focus.  You can't please everyone, and resources are
> limited.  I'd rather have the development team devote as much time as
> possible to the standard configuration instead of trying to bug fix
> every possible desktop environment.

I agree... I prefer to have a lean base install, and then to have many
choices available in the repositories! I don't mind having to download
extra apps that maybe only I am interested in.

Tossing in my 0.02 worth, I like the 1 CD install as well. However, to prove 
the point above that you can't please everybody, I find it a tad bit 
annoying that to use Samba (as an example) on my off-web machines, I had to 
head out on the Web to get smbclient. Kinda like getting a new car and then 
having to go out again to get the steering wheel installed.


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